Will The Euro Rise Against the Dollar In 2023 ? (2023)


In recent weeks the Euro has risen by over 7.00% against the dollar, based on lower inflation in the U.S and markets betting on interest rate cuts in 2023 by the Federal Reserve.

Fundamentally, the dollar has been strong against the Euro in 2022, as the Federal reserves interest rate hiking cycle strengthened the demand for dollars, relative to the demand for Euros due to higher interest rates in the U.S.

However, with inflation continuing to rise in Europe, at a time when U.S inflation looks to have peaked, interest rate differentials may narrow and cause a strong push higher in the value of the Euro.

In this video, I break down the fundamentals of why this trade idea may potentially play out.

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Hello: everyone welcome to this short video I'm, going to talk about a trade idea that I'm looking at in the Forex markets: Euro USD, now fundamentally, okay, I'm, looking at the euro to go up against a dollar based on the Euro getting stronger in the past nine to ten days by around seven percent.

After the inflation data a few weeks ago came out which gave the markets a sigh of relief that may be.

Inflation in the US is coming down which can allow the U.S Central Bank to lower their interest rates in 2023.

Now, I'm going to be showing you in this video, what the fundamental reasons why we could see the Euro strengthen against a dollar, because in 2022, we've seen the dollar getting very strong against the Euro based on interest rates, inflation and central banks.

So I'm going to build a fundamental picture for why the markets have been moving.

The way they've been moving, based on their relative performance of the US economy, relative to Europe and I'm, going to show you some technical analysis that feeds into timing the trades to maximize your chances of making profit in a safe way.

So you can get a good idea as to why I'm looking at potentially the Euro going up against a dollar, because European inflation continues to rise, while U.S inflation is going lower, which basically means there's a Divergence potential Divergence in monetary policy between the European Central Bank, the U.S Central Bank, and interest rates literally Drive currencies guys when you're looking at the Forex markets.

So I hope this video adds some value.

Please, like comment subscribe, let me know if this video has helped you and enjoy my video on your USD, okay, guys so I'm looking at buying the Euro against a US dollar, potentially on what happens tomorrow with the European inflation data.

So it comes out at 10 A.M tomorrow.

Why? This is important is because European inflation continues to rise as the U.S inflation has actually been falling.

So if I take you to the over to the spreadsheet and we go and have a look at European inflation, we can see that European inflation continues to rise.

So you can see it's gone from five percent, all the way up to 10.7 percent.

Every month, inflation in Europe is rising, and it's exactly saying when you look at the core inflation number which strips out food and energy okay, so the inflation in Europe is going further away from the European Central bank's two percent Target in the United States.

Inflation has already started to move in the opposite direction, and we know we had a big move in the markets because of the latest inflation number, which came out below the Market's expectations and it caused a lot of weakness in a dollar, because markets were finally pricing in maybe we're going to get some interest rate cuts by the U.S Central Bank.

If inflation is falling, so you can see clearly, inflation in June in the United States was 9.1 percent.

It's now fallen to seven point.

Seven percent and core inflation has gone down to six percent, so inflation in the us is going down was European.

Inflation continues to rise, so why? This is important is because tomorrow, if the inflation data in Europe goes above the Market's expectation, so let's say um headline inflation, including food and energy, goes to 11 above the 10.7 expectation or core inflation goes to 5.2 for an example or 5.3.

Anything above the Market's expectations means inflation in Europe continues to run away from the central banks, two percent Target.

Now that's a problem for Europe, because they're trying to get inflation back down the European Central Bank has said to the markets time and time again.

If inflation continues to run away, they're going to get more forceful, with interest rates, to try to bring it down and remember higher interest rates just squeezes the spending capacity of consumers they can spend less and that should have an effect on the demand for goods and services, because people just don't have enough money to spend because they're already dealing with the energy crisis.

The food crisis with higher food prices, um petrol prices going up at the pump and then on top of that imagine you have higher interest payments on mortgages, credit cards, student loans, etc, etc.

So what that basically means is the U.S markets have already started the price in potentially that the U.S Central Bank can cut interest rates in 2023 if the slowdown in inflation in the United States persists? Okay.

So if you look at U.S Central Bank interest rates, we can see the FED started, raising rates in March.

Okay, we went from a quarter of a percent to half a percent if the Central Bank in Europe started raising rates after the United States in July.

So there was like three four months after the FED to try to catch up with inflation, okay, so they're further behind in the Federal Reserve, the European interest rates only two percent, the U.S interest rate- is already at four percent.

So that's what pushed down Euro USD the interest rate differential? Okay, that's what causes big move to go down 15, but we've seen since that weaker U.S inflation number, the exchange rate has really popped.

Higher pricing out U.S interest rates so just remember guys, interest rate differentials really do Drive the currency markets and, as I explained to you guys already.

The interest rate overnight carry really does direct currency Traders, for which way they want to buy a currency pair.

So as an example, European interest rates are two percent right now.

U.S interest rates are four percent.

So if I sell my Euros to buy dollars, I'm only paying two percent interest on the Euros I I borrow and I get paid four percent interest on the dollars, I purchase so obviously you're making money.

You're gonna make two percent interest on the amount of currency pairs that you bought in this exchange rate over 365 days.

So this explains why currency Traders have been selling Euros to buy dollars, because if you buy the Euro against a dollar throughout 2022, you would have been losing money effectively.

Okay, because you'd have to sell dollars to buy euros, you're paying four percent on the dollars.

You borrow and you're only going to pay two percent interest on the Euros you purchase, so that doesn't make sense if you're losing money every day.

However, the reason the Euros popped higher, because this interest rate differential could be narrowing and no longer paying that free money into your trading account as long as you hold this trade open.

So let's say tomorrow: um interest, um inflation is higher and the markets expect rates which they're expecting currently in Europe to go to.

If I show you over here on this spreadsheet, the European economy 2.25, let's say tomorrow, the inflation is higher and that pops up to an interest rate expectation of two and a half percent.

Well then, this interest rate differential between Europe and the United States Narrows.

So if Market expected to get to 2.5 percent now the difference is only one and a half percent.

So remember when you're looking at how many currency pairs you're trading.

If we're looking at this position, you'd see that you would be if you're buying the dollar against the Euro you're, making five thousand dollars a year in free interest, credited into your training account.

Okay, if you sell the dollar to buy the Euro you're, losing that much so, let's say we're buying dollars against Euros.

If the interest rate in Europe goes up, look what happens to this number? How much it goes down see it goes lower.

This is why carry trade investors who have been profiting from the higher interest rates in the US? If that interest rate differential really starts to narrow they're, going to really get out of the trade and cash in, because you'd rather get a 15 move for an example or where it is now is around nine percent, then watch the currency pair go up and you only make a four percent move if he was in the move from the beginning.

Okay, so this is where interest rate differentials will really pay play an important role in the currency pair moving forward.

So let's say U.S inflation continues to come down.

European inflation continues to go higher.

Markets are pricing in interest rate Cuts in the US, while surprising, an interest rate hikes in Europe.

Well, that interest rate differential is no longer as favorable in the US and that could really put pressure on Euro USD to move to the upside okay.

So this is something we have to pay attention to so I'm, going to watch this inflation report tomorrow to see how the markets react, because we could get a really good opportunity to buy euro USD, because the currency pair should push up based on industry differentials.

So it's going to be important to see what happens.

I'll, keep you guys up to date tomorrow after 10 a.m, and let's see how this plays out.


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The Euro Dollar Exchange Rate - EUR/USD is expected to trade at 1.07 by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. Looking forward, we estimate it to trade at 1.02 in 12 months time.

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Under two important scenarios nthe remaining EU members, including the UK, join EMU by 2020 or else the recent depreciation trend of the dollar persists into the future n the euro may surpass the dollar as leading international reserve currency by 2022.

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In one month the Euro / Dollar exchange rate could be at 1.0894 according to market pricing as of 05/07/2023.

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